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Who We Are

Creating Value In A Time Of Change

As economies change and communities evolve, there are individuals, groups and sections of communities that struggle to access services that can help them aspire to shape their own future and grow.

BeMeLikeWe is a consortium of local businesses dedicated to working with individuals and groups to provide coaching, training and guided services in personal development, business development, employment support, health management, healing therapies and well being.

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Why We Do What We Do

Innovating Service Delivery To Create Impact

We believe that everybody has the potential to be better, and to be, we all seek pathways to improve. Our purpose is to help you make that transformative journey from where you are to where you want to be as experiential as possible.

Our key priorities areas of focus in your health and well-being, personal development, employment and social mobility.

Our values are derived from what drives us. Commitment, Innovation, Reputation and Excellence. These values gives us the foundations we need to adapt and respond to the changing needs of our clients and partners.

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Our Clients & Partners

Delivering Transformative Programmes To Make A Difference

Our services framework allows for self-referrals. We also work in partnership with stakeholder organisations and community groups to enhance and add value to their work.

Our main areas of focus are Health & Well-Being, Holistic and Complimentary Health Therapies, Personal Development (including Social Mobility Programmes) Employment Support and Business Development.

All our programmes are designed to support experiential journeys into transformative futures.

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February Spotlight

Your Health and Well-Being is Our Priority

Helping you live and stay well in these times is our priority. Your Life In Your Hands is running a series of information webinars and providing support to keep you updated on current information and simple steps to help you stay healthy.

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A select list of Services, Programmes, Training and Coaching for your Personal Success and Growth

Personal Success & Growth

Personal Development

Explore Personal Development programmes that can help you focus on building a better future for yourself and your family.

Health Management

Health Management

Explore our Health Management Programmes that helps you live well and maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Natural Health

Holistic Health Therapies

Explore a range of natural approaches to staying healthy and vital with cutting-edge information, expertise and practical activities for optimum health and longevity.

Future Jobs

Employment Support

Explore our Employment Support Services that helps you engineer your future career and provides practical guidance on how to get that job you want.

Start A Business

Business Development

Explore our Business Development and Entrepreneurial Programmes that helps you turn your Skills, Ideas and passion into a sustainable business



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